• Will Hamilton

Healthcare Transaction Market Data: More of it Exists Than You Think

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

For people involved with buying and selling things for a living, market intelligence is crucial to good decision-making. In markets that lack transparency, where assets are complex, and big dollars are involved - like private healthcare business, for example - information becomes even more valuable. Advisors, with years of focused experience, are vital to these markets… but even advisors are restricted to their own experiences and those of their professional networks. So advisors and their vendors also collect bits of information about private deals that get published in the press or disclosed in SEC filings. Some vendors collect confidential information reported back to them by advisors. This happens in every industry – from aerospace to zoos.

We're lucky in healthcare, as much more public information exists than gets reported by the usual suspects. Providers file Medicare cost reports, non-profits disclose 990s, large health systems make their audits public, certain states make CON and state license filings available online or through FOIA requests, and state OAG and other regulator reports get released periodically. Healthcare is a haystack of private market data, you just have to know how, and be willing, to dig for the needles.

At Scope, we’ve developed a (mostly) bearable process for sifting through the haystack to accumulate a database of transactions with reliable, verifiable price to revenue and EBITDA multiples supported by links to source documentation. The result is a vast, and growing, database of healthcare private market data you can trust, presented in an easy to use format.

Our goal is to fuel quality analyses and inspire further research that leads to happier clients and better decisions. See it for yourself by browsing our database or email us to schedule a low-pressure demo.