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We maintain the most comprehensive database of healthcare services merger and acquisition transactions with valuation multiples reliably sourced from public documentation.
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24/7 access to continuously updated data
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Links to underlying source documents
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Best value for healthcare-focused teams

M&A Valuation 

This database tracks healthcare services transactions where reliable price to revenue and/or EBITDA multiples are announced publicly.  We categorize each one by broad segment (e.g. professional practices) as well as the more narrow "type" (e.g. physician practices: dermatology). We also provide names of the parties, date, state, ownership percentage, and a description of our sources.

Fairness Opinion Database

This database tracks every healthcare services transaction where a fairness opinion gets released publicly on the SEC website. Information collected includes key info from the fairness opinion, such as the cost of capital estimates, and a link to the opinion itself. 

Hospital Affiliation Database

This database tracks every publicly-announced hospital acquisition, merger, or affiliation deal from announcement date to close (or cancellation). Information collected includes the name of the parties, NFP/FP status, type of deal, number of beds, announcement and close dates, any disclosed financial details, and links to source materials.

Intangible Asset Database

This database tracks intangible asset valuations from purchase price allocations. The value allocated to each identified intangible asset is disclosed and stated as a percentage of the enterprise value of the acquired business. This is a great starting point for intangible asset valuations or PPA engagements. 

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