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Healthcare RCM / Billing EBITDA Multiples: R1 RCM Acquires Providence's Acclara (29x EBITDA)

R1 RCM Inc., a leading provider of technology-driven revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Acclara, a revenue cycle management company. Acclara is owned by Providence, a national not-for-profit health system that primarily operates in the western US. Consideration consists of $675 million in cash and warrants to purchase 12.2 million shares of R1 RCM stock at a strike price of $10.52 per share.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) EBITDA Multiples

R1's stock price was approximately equal to the $10.52 strike price at the time of the announcement. Using a 3-year expiry and 50% assumed price volatility results in an estimated value of approximately $4 per warrant, or $48.8 million, which we have utilized as an estimate pending more information from the purchase price allocation (total consideration of $723.8m). According to the investor presentation published by R1, Acclara generated revenue and adjusted EBITDA of approximately $300m and $25m, respectively, over the twelve months ended June 30, 2023, implying multiples of 2.4x revenue and 29.0x EBITDA.

The EBITDA multiple is a massive outlier on the high side compared to the other billing / revenue cycle deals in the outsourced services and digital / healthtech segments of our database, likely due to the immense potential for cost synergies ($50m annually according to the investor presentation) and growth from the related 10-year agreement with Providence (projected revenue and EBITDA of $625m and $185m by year 5 post-close, implying a year 5 multiple of 3.9x EBITDA).

R1 RCM's acquisition of Acclara implies an EBITDA multiple well above comparable transactions.
Outsourced Billing / Revenue Cycle EBITDA Multiples

Other RCM / Billing Deals

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