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Behavioral Health Valuation Multiples: Embark Behavioral Health Acquired (12x to 15x EBITDA)

Consonance Capital Partners acquired a majority stake in Embark Behavioral Health, a provider of integrated behavioral health services for children and adolescents, in a transaction valued at approximately $400 million, resulting in a multiple within the range of 12x to 15x EBITDA. Embark offers a comprehensive portfolio of outpatient and in-home services, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and medication management. The company operates across multiple states and serves a diverse population of children and adolescents facing various mental health challenges.

Behavioral Health EBITDA Multiples

The mid-point EBITDA mutliple from the reported range of 13.5x is above average for behavioral health platforms of Embark's size, indicating that private behavioral health valuations may not have declined significantly yet despite headwinds from higher interest rates.

Acquisition of Embark Behavioral Health by Consonance
Behavioral Health EBITDA Multiples

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