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Outsourced Services EBITDA Multiples: Warburg Pincus Invests in BPO firm Everise (~10.3x EBITDA)

Private equity giant Warburg Pincus has joined Brookfield as an investor in Everise, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) firm specializing in customer experience solutions for the healthcare industry. The deal, finalized on December 6th, 2023, values Everise at around $1 billion and highlights the growing significance of outsourcing administrative services within the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Outsourced Services EBITDA Multiples

According to press reporting, Everise posted revenue of $475-500 million and EBITDA of $95-100 million in CY23, against $417 million revenue and $78 million EBITDA in CY22. Using midpoints from the 2023 ranges, the implied multiples are 2.1x revenue and 10.3x EBITDA. Also according to the reporting, the top 10 customers accounted for about 75% of 2022 revenue, making for possible concentration risk.

Warburg Invests in Everise
Healthcare Outsourced Services EBITDA Mutliples

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