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Home Health and Hospice EBITDA Multiples: Optum Outbids Option Care for Amedisys (15.2x EBITDA)

Optum, the health services arm of UnitedHealth Group, has outbid Option Care Health to acquire Amedisys, a home health and hospice care provider, in a deal valued at $3.64 billion including net debt of approximately $350 million, or 15.2x estimated 2023 EBITDA of $239 million according to the fairness opinion prepared in support of the transaction. Optum is paying $101 per share for Amedisys in a deal that the Amedisys board and shareholders have selected over Option Care's proposed non-cash merger, which represented the equivalent of $97.38 per Amedisys share based on Option Care Health's closing stock price on May 2, 2023.

Home Health and Hospice EBITDA Multiples

While the multiple is a premium to most home-based services deals, it's also a pretty significant discount compared to Optum's ~$6b acquisition of LHC Group in early 2022 (20.8x EBITDA), which is the second largest home-based services deal in the Scope Research database. LHC was growing at a faster rate than Amedisys at the time of the transaction, which may have been a result of its strategy of focusing its development efforts on joint ventures with health systems. LHC management was projecting a 5-year EBITDA CAGR of 17.4% ($291m estimated 2022 to $593 by 2026), compared to 5.9% for Amedisys. Even eliminating the impact of M&A on EBITDA growth, LHC management was projecting a 12.2% 5-year CAGR, which is considerably higher than Amedisys's management projections.

Recent Valuation Multiples from Large Home Health and Hospice Deals

Still, the deal represents a significant premium to other recent large deals, such as:

  • Gentiva's acquisition of ProMedica's home health and hospice business in February, which was a $710 million deal at a single digit multiple of reported EBITDA ($80 million to $100 million), A review of ProMedica's publicly-available audits indicates that the home health and hospice business revenue had basically flatlined over the past few years prior to acquisition.

  • CDR's 2022 acquisition of Humana's hospice business for $3.4b at an implied multiple of approximately 12x.

This charts presents implied EBITDA multiples for home health and hospice M&A transactions graphed by size of the acquired company, in terms of EBITDA.
Home Health and Hospice EBITDA Multiples by Size

Other Home Health and Hospice Deals

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