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HealthTech EBITDA Multiples: Roper Acquires Syntellis @~16.5x EBITDA (Including Synergies)

In August 2023, Roper Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROP) announced it completed the acquisition of Syntellis Performance Solutions for a net purchase price of $1.25 billion, including a $135 million tax benefit resulting from the transaction. The purchase price was reported as $1.381 billion according to Roper's SEC filings. Syntellis provides enterprise performance management software, data and intelligence solutions for healthcare, higher education and financial institutions. Solutions include Axiom, Connected Analytics and Stratasan software.

Digital Health / HealthTech EBITDA Multiples

Syntellis is expected to contribute approximately $185 million of revenue and $85 million of EBITDA in 2024, including planned cost synergies, implying multiples of 7.6x revenue and 16.5x synergy adjusted EBITDA. These multiples are consistent with multiples for other healthcare technology acquisitions of similar size, indicating that the deal likely implied a premium multiple excluding synergies.

Roper's acquisition of Syntellis Performance Solutions
Digital Health / HealthTech EBITDA Multiples

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