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Healthcare services transactions since 2010 with reliable prices, revenue, and EBITDA multiples, conveniently categorized by segment and type

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

67 total transactions

57 with disclosed EBITDA multiples


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There’s more publicly-available private market data in healthcare than any other industry, it just takes a heavy lift to find it. We maintain a database of links to our sources, which include:
   •  Fairness opinions

   •  SEC filings

   •  Press releases

   •  Bond market research

   •  Medicare cost reports

   •  CON filings (FOIA)

   •  Form 990s

   •  Public financial statements

   •  AG reports

   •  Insurance department filings









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U.S. Renal Care


  • In February 2019 a group of private equity sponsors agreed to a leveraged buyout of U.S. Renal Care for a total valuation of $2.7b, according to Moody's​​

  • U.S. Renal Care’s FY 2018 financial statements, including adjusted EBITDA (less payments to minority investors in subsidiaries) were disclosed publicly in a New York certificate of need filing​​

Source Documents 

Bond Rating Release

CON Filing

Enterprise Value:  $2.7b


Revenue Multiple:   2.0x


EBITDA Multiple:     9.3x

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