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The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare M&A

Equip your team with healthcare M&A databases that capture more deals and more financial details

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Our Database Resources

We scour public documents to capture and categorize every healthcare M&A deal that gets announced publicly in the U.S. (as well as select international transactions). We routinely review the following documents, among others, to capture accurate deal values and seller financial information:


  • Press releases

  • SEC filings

  • Medicare cost reports,

  • Publicly available audits 


  • State Certificate-of-Need filings

  • Bond market research

  • Attorney general reports

  • Court documents

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M&A Valuation Database

This database tracks healthcare deals where reliable price to revenue and/or EBITDA multiples are disclosed publicly. 

  • Each acquisition target is categorized by broad segment and detailed "type" to support filtering.

  • Information collected includes names of the parties, date, state, ownership percentage, deal value, revenue and/or EBITDA, and a description of our sources with links. 

Download database with financial details and sourcing documentation removed

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M&A Volume Database

This database tracks all publicly announced healthcare services transactions, including deals where financial details are not disclosed. 


  • Each acquisition target is categorized by broad segment and detailed "type" to support filtering.

  • Announcement dates and names of the parties are tracked as well.

  • Pivot table included to track announced deal volume by segment and type.

Download healthcare services database sample from the first half of 2022

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Other   Databases

Subscriptions also include a variety of other database resources, such as:

  • Fairness Opinion Database

  • Hospital Affiliation Database

  • Intangible Asset Database

  • Healthcare Real Estate Valuation Database

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Healthcare deals with financial details in the M&A valuation database since 2010 (disclosed revenue and EBITDA multiples).

Database Counts
Anatomy of our analysis

Categorize in detail each publicly announced healthcare deal

​Source reliable deal values on a total EV basis and reliable revenue / EBITDA figures

Share the resulting

data in an easy to use format with analytical tools and links to source documents

Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital


  • In November 2016, the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation paid $55.5 million in cash for Marlton Rehabilitation Hospital

  • The purchase price was made public during the state of New Jersey CON process

  • According to the cost reports filed by Marlton with CMS, it generated revenue and EBITDA of $32.6m and $7.2m, respectively, in the annualized ten months ended 10/31/2016

Source Documents 

CON Filing

Enterprise Value:  $55.5m


Revenue Multiple:   1.7x


EBITDA Multiple:     7.7x


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